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Each week, the Top-Tier Reporting team will stay in touch with you to accurately follow your season, assigning earnings to each horse and reporting them to the major equine databases.


QData counts on Top-Tier Reporting as the leading source of ProRodeo and Open roping horse earnings to fill its database. Top-Tier Reporting provides earnings on enrolled horses monthly.


By tracking your horse's earnings, you increase their value along with the value of the program that raised them, as well as their sire, dam, siblings and future offspring. This is exactly how the rope horse industry grows.

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By tracking your horses' earnings, Top-Tier Reporting provides information for media to use across platforms to further tout your mount's exceptional abilities. Top-Tier Reporting will use its social channels to promote each horse's sucess, upping the value of the horse and his or her offspring.

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Which database will accept Top-Tier's numbers?

Top-Tier Reporting is working hand-in-hand with AQHA's QData program to document the earnings on open-level rope horses, QData will accept monthly earnings reports for rope horses through the Top-Tier program. We are actively working to build relationships across the industry to expand the acceptance of these earnings.

How does Top-Tier Reporting Know where I roped?

Top-Tier Reporting is managed by a team of industry experts who care about the future of the industry and stay plugged into the heartbeat of the sport of team roping. Each week, our team sorts through results to find the names of ropers who enrolled their horses, then sending out a weekly text to confirm which horses each roper rode at all reportable events, working to build relationships across the industry to expand the acceptance of these earnings.

What does an annual enrollment cost?

The fee for the first three horses in the system is $300, with each additional horse costing $200. Clients from 2023: You're enrolled at legacy pricing if you renew! Just let Chelsea know and she'll get you set up. For programs that want to enroll more than five horses, shoot us an email.

Are you only tracking Quarter Horses?

No! We can track anything with papers, whether they're Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints or pintos. we can track grade horses' earnings for the benefit of the owner, we cannot report them to QData at this time.

Which events are you tracking?

From PRCA to WCRA rodeos, as well as all the major jackpots like the Bob Feist Invitational and Lone Stor Shootout, Top-Tier Reporting makes every effort to include the most thorough record on each horse that team roping's ever seen.

Can breeders enroll horses?

Yes! The roper themselves does not have to enroll their horse in Top-Tier Reporting. If the roper approves, breeders can enroll horses in the Top-Tier Reporting program to better repersent their programs and improve the lifetime earnings on their stallion or mares' offspring.

Can Top-Tier Reporting back-track earnings?

No, ropers/breeders must enroll their horses and pay in full before their horses and pay in full before their earnings can be tracked. While we truly wish we could go back through decodes of horse earnings, that endeavor isn't possible at this time.